Who I Am

I wear so many hats. I have so many roles. I am learning to love who I am and am still discovering so much more about myself.

My Name is Lan Mai and I am a

  • Nurse
  • Educator
  • Mom
  • Military Spouse
  • Content Writer
  • Health and Life Coach
  • Daughter
  • Sister (and one of the best in the world if I may say so myself)
  • Avid Reader
  • Introvert
  • The list could go on and on

I have discovered that I can be all of these and none of these at one time. I definitely have my more favorite roles to fill. I have learned that my roles are mostly all intertwined. I have learned how to incorporate wearing all these hats in a way that makes me shine as a human.

I use my skills as a nurse, educator, writer, and coach to fulfill these roles. As a writer, I use my nursing knowledge and skills as an educator to explain complex medical information. As a coach, I use my experience as a mom and a military spouse to support others going through transitions. As an introvert, I have found extremely creative ways to engage with my kids and community while not being overwhelmed with all the external stimuli.

I am on a lifelong journey to find a way to balance all my passions, experiences, and roles. I hope that by sharing my struggles and successes, others will feel inspired to find their own joy and know that they are not alone.

My Mission

”My mission is to be true to myself. To explore my passions. Ultimately, to leave this world better than when I entered.”

I am

All of Me