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Health and Life Coach

I work with moms who are struggling with losing their identity thinking that they have to give up a part of themselves. 

I help them discover who they are now, physically, emotionally, and mentally so that they can encompass all the best versions of themselves without sacrificing who they are. 


Through the Health Coach Institute I obtained dual certification in both Health Coaching and Life Coaching. I use transformational coaching method to create habit change that lasts. 

Rediscover You

This personalized program will help you: 


Understand self-care without guilt


Set boundaries without apologizing


fall in love with your new identity while balancing all your roles


prioritize your own needs without sacrifice


Discover what nourishes your soul


create a home environment that fosters cohesiveness and harmony

Free Breakthrough Discovery Session

I offer a free 45-minute breakthrough discovery session. In this session, we will discover

  • what you want 
  • what is holding you back
  • how to get you from where you are
  • to where you want to be


MY Services


30 Day Excursion

This 30 Day Program will give you a jump start to meeting one of your goals. 

60 Day Adventure 

This 60 Day Program will explore blocks you have encountered when reaching for your goals. 

90 Day Journey

This 90 Day Program will take a deep dive into what is holding you back. Through transformational coaching you will obtain a new normal and find new balance. 

What People Say


“The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with Lan are that I need to trust in myself and take action, to let go of self-doubt, and to let go of people pleasing by creating healthy boundaries. She has a way of making me feel more calm, more centered, and more focused.”

Lauren McCandlish

“Before working with Lan, I struggled to have enough energy to get through my day. I now work out regularly, enjoy it, and don’t feel any guilt for investing that time in myself. I really appreciate how focused, encouraging, and resourceful Lan is as a coach. The growth and change she helped me achieve is priceless.”

Amy Wierks

“Lan will ask hard questions that make you dig deep inside yourself. It doesn’t feel like she’s trying to “fix” you. It feels like she’s a friend who wants to lead you where you desire to be. I always leave feeling seen and heard.”

Karen Smith

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