Future Living vs Now Living


I just met a new family on base. I was thinking about making some dinner plans together.


We will be moving back to the States soon. Part of me thinks that I don’t need to bother making new friends because it won’t last.

The other part of me thinks I cannot live with the mindset of, “We are moving soon.” In the military, we are almost always moving soon. Or something is going to happen.

Same with travel assignments, those are temporary, but I do make great connections and create lasting impressions.

We do not always make friends for life, but we do great community.

I think there is something truly special about having a tight community even though we know it won’t last forever. Maybe, that is all the more reason to do it. We are here temporarily, but with the military, there is always a possibility to meet again.


I do not want to hold myself back from meeting new people, making friends, or building community just because I know it is temporary. I will live in the present and embrace people. I will create memories now, knowing that we will part ways. I will enjoy it for what it is today, and not think about the next month when we are living in different countries.